Recycled Plastic Picnic Table with Arched Frame

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Recycled Plastic Picnic Table with Arched Frame


Model ART Picnic Tables use an arched frame design for a lighter look.  The table uses three step-over frames for support so no additional steel braces are necessary. 


Model ART Picnic Tables feature our non-tip, step-over design.  Tables won’t tip even if all persons sit on one side.  Tables offer 30-1/2" nom. table height and 17-1/2" nom. seat height.

FRAME:  Three 3-inch thick, single-piece frames molded from 100% recycled plastic available in either black or brown.  All stainless steel screws for assembly are included.

LENGTH: 8 ft. top with 6 ft. seats

TOP/SEAT MATERIALS:  2” X 6” (nom.) 100% Recycled Plastic planks in your choice of color. 


Estimated Lead time prior to shipment: 2-4 weeks

100% Recycled Plastic 
Timbers, planks, and frames
Thisrecycled plastic material is 100% recycled high-density polyethylene and is formed using a combination of post-consumer and post-industrial waste plastics. There is no virgin plastic in this product. Post-consumer plastic has been used by a consumer and then recycled to avoid dumping in a landfill (such as milk jugs). Post-industrial plastics have gone through a manufacturing process but never reached the consumer (such as product rejects or process wastes). On average our product is 80% post consumer and 20% post industrial (percentages can vary). Our plastic components are 100% recycled and can also be recycled again and again. There are no toxic chemicals in this product. Plastic by its very nature does not leach.

A solid color is formed throughout the component and a UV stabilizer is added for ultraviolet protection. This recycled plastic is a dense, durable product, offering a long lasting, attractive appearance. It will not splinter or rot, and is resistant to mold and insects. These components are molded into solid dimensional shapes corresponding to nominal lumber dimensions. Recycled plastic components are avail