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The Original Infinitely Adjustable Cooking grate.  Flanged 3/16" plate steel fireing.  1" flanged top edge, cantilevered structurally reinforced grate tips back out of firering.  Finishe din high temp, non-toxice Black Enamel paint.

Campfire Cooksite-26" Dia.(FA-26/7/T*)

This SMALLER Campfire Ring features an infinitely adjustable cooking grate.

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Campfire Cooksite- 30" Dia.(FA-30)

This Campfire Ring features an infinitely adjustable cooking grate and THREE side height choices.

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FA-30/18 Campfire Ring

This TALLER Firering features the infinitely adjustable cooking grate.

Campfire Ring Cover

Protect Your Campfire Ring from the elements when not in use.

Clean out Shovel for Campfire Ring

Clean out ashes and coals from your campfire ring with ease!