1" Sanitary Industrial Cast Iron Post Hydrant (M-EXPELO)

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Depth of Bury:
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1" Sanitary Industrial Cast Iron Post Hydrant (M-EXPELO)

1" Sanitary Industrial Post Hydrant, Side Inlet

  • Mounting:  Post Mounted
  • Material:  Cast Iron
  • Bury Depth:  2 Ft , 3 Ft , 4 Ft , 5 Ft , 6 Ft
  • Sanitary Product:  Yes
  • Freeze-Resistance:  Yes
  • Inlet Size:  1"
  • Activation:  Lever
  • Finish Available:  Green
  • Hydrant Inlet Type:  Female Threaded Side Inlet
  • Health/Environomental:  Lead Free Fed. Law 111-380

Post Hydrant




Model M-EXPELO is the original sanitary yard hydrant and is designed for delivery of a high volume of potable fresh water for industrial, rapid rail, rail passenger service, power plant or other similar uses. There are no potential cross-connections between the potable water supply and any drain outlet. After being used, all potable water is held in a self-contained reservoir below the frost line. When used again, the user operates the handle and the internal piston moves downward to immediately evacuate the reservoir.

Unlike other sanitary hydrants that use a timed venturi to empty their tank, the EXPELO does not rely on the operator to run the hydrant for a specified period of time. Positive evacuation of the reservoir is assured every time. With proper installation, year-round operation without the use of heat tape is assured.

Designed to meet ASSE 1057 sanitary yard hydrant guidelines, the M-EXPELO is the choice for railroads, municipalities and industry, as well as others who want the very best in a safe, potable water hydrant.


Hydrant shall be model M-EXPELO. Valve shall be lever-operated and unit shall be capable of year-round use in freezing weather. Water shall be evacuated from supply riser to water reservoir when valve is shut off. Unit shall extend below grade level so that the water reservoir is positioned below frost line. All operating parts shall be accessible without removing fixture from the ground and unit shall incorporate an integral vacuum breaker and an air bypass to assure proper drainage of potable water to the reservoir.

Top, handle, base, valve body and all external castings shall be brass and finished with a heavy grade of oil-based green enamel. Outer casing shall be galvanized steel pipe. Inner supply assembly shall incorporate solid- brass castings. All solid-brass castings shall conform to ASTM standards B61 and B62. Lead-free castings shall be used in all waterways. Outlet riser pipe shall be red brass pipe. Outlet coupling shall be solid brass

Lead Time:  1-3 weeks before shipment.  This item is "Build to Order".

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