Half Wall Barrier Block 24x23x23 (2302**-30)

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Half Wall Barrier Block  24" H x 23" L x 23" W  (2302**-30)

Wall barrier block are a specialty barrier that is superior in strength and quality to the competition. The barrier is designed and built in 2 different sizes and can be used in a variety of security applications. If your needs are force protection, physical security, crowd control, or recreational use, this barrier is for you. These portable barricades are lightweight and extremely easy to transport making for quick deployment and recovery. The use of heavy equipment is not necessary for installation or relocation but all of the barricades have fork truck entries if needed. When positioned and filled with either water or sand the barricade can act as a protective wall or prefabricated revetment wall. While filled with either ballast the MS wall barrier block will not bulge or distort like other portable barricades. This barrier block is designed to be stronger and more durable than others yet still be cosmetically pleasing. With the appearance of this barrier block, you will no longer feel like placing a barrier in urban environments is out of the question. This barrier block with its appearance coupled with the ability to produce a gray granite look makes for a less standoffish product while still maintaining the security that is needed.

Compositions: Low Impact, UV-Resistant Polyethylene
Dimensions: 24"H x 23"L x 23"W
Wall: .25" / 6.35 mm (Avg.)

Applications Include:
force protection
crowd control
gate approaches
border patrol
guard units
construction zones
airport construction
troop protection
air shows
traffic control
flight line
race tracks

recyclable material
drain plugs
structurally sound
variety of colors
Pre-molded attachment area for flashing lights.

safety orange
safety white
safety yellow
olive drab
desert "military" tan
gray granite (additional costs)
additional colors available

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