N Series Galvanized Park Grill - 300 sq in (N/G-20 B*G)

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N Series Galvanized Park Grill - 300 sq in (N/G-20 B*G)


Firebox Dimensions (DxWxH)        15"x20"x10"
Cooking Area (Sq. In.)                                 300
Finish    (Firebox and Post) Hot Dip Galvanized
Grate Options    Hot Plate (subject to availability)
Vertical Grate Adjustment               3-1/2", 5-1/4",
       from Bottom of Firebox            7", and 8-3/4"
Weight                                                        81 lbs.
Optional Shelf        (1) S3/G (Hot-dip Galvanized)
Base Options                  B2G (Standard), B3, B4
Optional Galvanized Grill Cover          (1) GC/G-1

**Please note that this grill accepts a Shelf OR a Grill Cover, not both.  The shelf uses the same holes in the back of the grill box as the grill cover.***


• Two sizes: Model N-20 charcoal grill provides 300 sq. in., and Model N-24 grill provides 432 sq. in. of cooking area on the four level adjustable cooking grate.

• Model N-20 is available with the standard high-temp black enamel finish; or with a hot dip galvanized firebox and post. Model N-24 is available only with the high-temp black enamel finish.

• All N-Series charcoal grills are permanently attached to the base post with our unique swivel mechanism providing a theft-proof connection with continuous 360-degree rotation in either direction. Embedded installation of post is standard. Models N-20 and N-24 use a 3-1/2" OD x 40" post.

• All-welded grill firebox construction. The N-20 and N-24 firebox is fabricated from 3/16" (7 ga.) thick steel. All designs include integral die-formed flanges to retain ashes and to reinforce the firebox from heat warpage.

• All welded cooking grate construction. N Series grill cooking grates are fabricated using 5/8" dia. steel bars for support handles, and 1/2" dia. steel bars for the cooking surface. The cooking grate is permanently incorporated into the firebox and cannot be removed. All cooking grates are finished with high temp non-toxic black enamel paint.

• Optional: Bolt on utility shelf for all N Series charcoal grills: black enamel finish on N-20 and N-24; galvanized on N/G-20.

• Optional: Model N-20 grill can be hot dip galvanized to include the firebox and post (becomes Model N/G-20 B2G).

• Optional: Model N-20 grill can be built to incorporate a hot plate measuring 8" x 15". This replaces the grate bars in that portion of the total grate (becomes Model N-20/HP).

• Optional: Hinged steel grill cover on Model N-20 (painted) or Model N/G-20 (galvanized finish). Model S3 shelf cannot be used with cover.

• Optional: All standard B2 base posts can be replaced with a portable disc base (B4) or a bolt down base plate (B3).

• Optional: Swivel Shelf available on N-20 and N-24 grills only (not available on N/G-20 grills). This Swivel Shelf can be used on the N-20/GC grill equipped with the optional Grill Cover.


5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
1-year manufacturer's warranty against materials and workmanship of High Heat Paint.

Lead Time:  2-4 weeks before shipment.  This item is "Built to Order"



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