2'' x 10'' x 15' Anodized Finish Aluminum Plank (P21015AL)

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2" x 10" x 15' (Nominal) Anodized Finish Aluminum Plank (P21015AL)

  • Includes Plank only - no hardware.
  • Weight Per Foot:  1.7 lb.
  • Measurements are nominal.  For actual measurements see spec page linke above.

Aluminum Planks

No more looking for broken or weak wooden planks when you renovate with low maintenance aluminum.  We provide expert assistance and sales support when planning your bleacher renovation.  We also offer a variety of aluminum plank profiles that will provide a very sold adaptation to almost all existing understructures.

So - Don't risk injury to your spectators because someone fell through or off your old bleacher.  Many old or unsafe bleachers can be easily retrofitted using already existing framework by adding aluminum planking and supports to replace deteriorated - old wooden planks and close up unsafe gaps/liability risks.


Aluminum Planking Specifications:

Our standard 2" x 6", 2" x 8", 2" x 10" and 2" x 12' seat and foot plank will support a 120 plf (pounds per linear foot) uniform live load up to a maximum 6' span.


Extruded Aluminum:

     1.  Seat planks;  Aluminum alloy 6063-T6, clear anodized 204R1, AA-M10C22A31, Class II with wall thickness nominally .078" for impact and deformation resistance.


Design Loads:

      1.  Live Loads: Uniform loading - Structure = 100 psf Uniform loading Seat and Foot plank = 120 plf.

      2.  Sway Loads: Perpendicular to seats = 1- plf Parallel to seats = 24 plf


***Anodized finish coating on any plank extrusion is recommended for seat planking applications and projects to reduce discoloration due to galvanic reactions and shall be covered by 5 year manufacturers warranty against loss of structural strength or finish deterioration due to exposure to weather conditions or UV rays.  

Mill finished aluminum planking is recommended for walkways, foot planking and decking applications.  
Discoloration of mill finish aluminum due to galvanic reaction not covered by a manufacturers warranty.

Estimated Lead time is 1-2 weeks before shipment.  However,  large quantity order may require additional time.