3 Row (21 ft) Low Rise Bleacher - Preferred (NB-0321ALRPRF)

*** Download PDF Specifications Below

Low rise non-elevated bleachers offer a quality bleacher at an affordable price.  3 and 4 row models with top seat under 30", first row seat under 12" and 6" rise per row,  therefore, most building and safety codes do not require guardrail.  Some models accommodate up to 80 people.  Choose among several different sizes to meet your needs.

3 Row Low Rise Bleacher - Preferred  NB-0321ALRPRF

  • 21 ft, 42 seats, 427 lbs
  • Aluminum angle understructure 6" rise/row
  • 10-1/2" first row seat height
  • 2 x 12 anodized aluminum seat plank
  • (2) 2 x 10 mill finish aluminum foot planks

**Always check with your local building codes. **

*Please unwrap planks upon delivery and inspect.  Leaving Mill Finish Planks wrapped in cardboard outdoors can cause a chemical reaction and discoloration.  To avoid this possible occurrence, Please unwrap planks.

Lead Time:  1-3 weeks before shipment.  This item is "Build to Order".