3/4" ADA Compliant Non-Pollutible Lever-Handle Cast Iron Post Hydrant - Self-Closing (M-NPL75B)

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3/4" ADA Compliant Non-Pollutible Lever-Handle Cast Iron Post Hydrant-Self-Closing  (M-NPL75AB)

3/4" ADA Compliant Non-Pollutible Self-closing Lever-Handle Hydrant, Bottom Inlet

  • Mounting:  Post Mounted
  • Material:  Cast Iron
  • Bury Depth:  2 Ft , 3 Ft , 4 Ft , 5 Ft , 6 Ft
  • Health/Environomental:  ADA Compliant
  • Sanitary Product:  Yes
  • Freeze-Resistance:  Yes
  • Inlet Size:  3/4"
  • Activation:  Lever
  • Finish Available:  Green , Brown , Black
  • Hydrant Inlet Type:  Female Threaded (Econo) Bottom Inlet

SafeWaterTM ADA Hydrant




Models M-NPL75A and M-NPL75B deliver year-round service outside or in unheated buildings. The control valve is located below the frost line. Raising the lever opens the valve and lowering the lever shuts water off. The lever may be locked closed with a padlock (not included).

Model M-NPL75A is turned on by raising the handle straight up. The hydrant will stay open if the handle is turned further to the left.

Model M-NPL75B is turned on by raising the handle straight up. The handle will not go to the stay-open position and the water will turn off if the user lets go of the handle.

After use, water inside the supply column is stored in a reservoir below the frost line and is expelled through the nozzle at the beginning of the next usage. This potable hydrant is protected against any surface or underground contamination. Recommended maximum operating pressure is 80 psi.

These models meet ADA requirements with the handle taking less than 5 pounds of force. The nozzle is located 28” minimum above the ground.


Hydrant shall be  M-NPL75A or M-NPL75B. Lever-operated hydrant shall be ASSE 1057 certified as a potable hydrant. Hydrant shall not operate using venturi action. Unit shall be capable of year- round use in freezing weather. Hydrant shall have a flow rate of 2.5 gpm at 30 psi. Hydrant shall be serviceable from above grade.

Unit shall extend below grade level so that supply inlet, valve and reservoir are positioned below frost line. During shutoff, a piston shall draw water from the supply column into a reservoir. At the next usage, the piston shall expel the water in the reservoir through the nozzle before fresh water flows. The water supply shall be protected against any surface or underground contamination.

Stock, top, base and handle shall be fabricated of heavy, one-piece iron castings finished with a heavy grade of oil- based green enamel. Solid brass castings in nozzle and inner supply assembly shall conform to ASTM standards B61 and B62. Lead-free castings shall be used in all waterways. Nozzle shall have a plain, un-threaded outlet.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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