15' Retracta-Belt Weatherproof Utility Post

302YA-BYD, Yellow Aluminum w/Recycled Rubber Baseweight, Black/Yellow Diagonal Belt
4 posts and 4 bases store in a 15 x 15 area when not in use.
Model # 302PSB-BYD, 10' Retracta-Belt Utility Stanchion w/Black Plastic Post and Recycled Rubber Base. Black and Yellow Diagonal Stripe Belt.
Stanchions w/the recycled rubber base weights are easy to assemble. No tools are needed.
Simply fill the Plastic Fillable Base w/water or sand to increase weight from 2 lbs to up to 23 lbs.
The Utility Retracts-Belt features a weatherproof design.
100% Recycled Rubber Base is nearly indestructible and will withstand the harshest wear and tear.
The recycled rubber base weight features a carrying handle for easy transportation.
Retracts-Belt Utility Posts ship Knocked-Down to minimize packaging and save on freight.
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15' Retracts-Belt Weatherproof Utility Post with 100% Recycled Rubber or Plastic Fillable Base

Single Post Weights:  322 and 322: 25 lbs

Weatherproof construction that’s built to withstand the toughest outdoor environments

The 15' Utility Retracta-Belt® features an outdoor-rated post that is constructed of a premium plastic or high quality aluminum post. The PVC post is extruded from 100% virgin material and additives for superior strength. We use UV inhibitors to ensure color fastness and to prevent the stanchion from drying out and becoming brittle. It is ideal for marine use, outdoor construction sites, loading areas and airport tarmacs.

Two uniquely designed base options suit any utility application:

The 100% Recycled Rubber base is nearly indestructible - we even drove a truck over it to prove it (below). The base connection allows for easy and repeatable assembly of the stanchion. Simply slide the post into the base; no tools required, no connections to wear out. The rubber base also includes a convenient built-in carrying handle and a storage spot for when stanchions are not in use.

The Plastic Fillable base weighs only 2 lbs. when empty for low shipping costs. When filled with water or sand the baseweight increases up to 23 lbs. for maximum stability. This base style also features easy assembly, compact storage and a convenient carrying handle.

15' Utility Retracta-Belt Post Features

  • Premium PVC post: 100% virgin PVC material and additives prevents cracking and shattering
  • Rustproof materials: plastic, aluminum and rubber are UV rated for outdoor use
  • GreenVision Product: 100% recycled rubber base and recyclable aluminum or PVC post
  • Easy assembly base: no tools required or connections to wear out
  • Maximum UV inhibitors: color won’t fade or dry out and become brittle from the sun
  • Convenient carrying handle: built into the designed of the base
  • Designed to store compactly: for when posts are not in use. Four posts can and four bases can store into a 15" x 15" area by stacking the posts in openings in the base.
  • Knocked-Down shipping: saves over 50% on shipping charges
  • High-impact polycarbonate material: greatly increases durability for a long life.
  • E-Z Back braking system: creates the safest retractable belt on the market. Patent pending rotary damper technology ensures a safe, controlled retraction of the belt at ANY length.
  • Built-in sign attachment: no costly adapters. Does not take up receiving ends or limit attachment of belts.
  • We recommend leaving at least 6" of play in the belt to minimize stress on internal components and increase the life of the unit.
  • 10 year warranty

Fact: Each Retracta-Belt® Rubber Base prevents one tire from being sent to a US Landfill
Fact: It takes seven gallons of crude oil to produce one car tire (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc., 2000)
Fact: Each year, motorists in the U.S. generate about 1 scrap tire for every man, woman and child in the country (Waste News, 2002)

Estimated Lead time prior to shipment:  3-5 business days