Poopy Pouch High Capacity Bag Dispenser (holds 3 rolls of PP-RB-200)


Poopy Pouch High Capacity Bag Dispenser (holds 3 rolls of PP-RB-200)


When you take your dog out for a run in the park or to play on the beach, chances are he's going to have to "go." That's why the Poopy Pouch High Capacity dispenser is such a great idea. This powder coated galvanized steel, locking dispenser provides pet owners with easy access to POOPY POUCH DOGGY POO BAGS. It will mount to just about anything, indoors or out, and mounting hardware is included. Dispensers hold 3 rolls of 200 bags. This stations increased capacity translates to lower maintenance and manpower costs.

*Compatible replacement bags:  PP-RB-200

The Poopy Pouch dispenser is perfect for: Parks and Campgrounds, Public Beaches, Cities & Municipalitites, Gated Communities, Apartments & Condos, Rec Areas, Veterinary Offices, Doggy Day Care Centers, Pet Groomers, Pet Sotres, Home Use, etc.

*this item is not thermoplastic coated.

Estimated Lead Time before shipment:  1-3 business days

**NOTE:  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, has raised concerns that when disposed of normally, the Poopy Pouch Doggy Poos Bags are no more degradeable than ordinary plastic bags, although they may be labeled as "oxodegradable", "biodegradable", "100% degradable" or "degradable".  We have voluntarily agreed to stop making that claim.