10 Row - Galvanized Steel Understructure - Chainlink Guardrail - Deluxe

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Transport Kit:


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Our Transportable bleachers are designed specifically to withstand the rigors of movement. Each Transportable bleacher is fitted with a galvanized steel horizontal lifting brace and has extra bracing to stabilize the bleacher during movement.  These systems are not intended for use on any public roadways. 5 mph is recommended speed limit. All Transportable bleachers include ground sills and are available in "Standard", "Preferred" & "Deluxe" models.

Only one transport kit is necessary to move several bleachers.  Kit includes tongue, wheel and jack.  Each transportable bleacher includes wheel attachment brackets and horizontal lifting brace.

10 Row Tranport Bleacher w/Galvanized Steel Frame & Chainklink Guardrail - Deluxe

  • Rows:  10
  • Seats: 113
  • Length: 21'
  • Weight: 3863 lbs

*Image note:  Image if of 5 row version of bleacher


  •  Galvanized Steel understruture 8" rise/row (with transport wheel brackets and additional bracing)
  • 2 x 10 Anodized Aluminum seat plank
  • (2) 2 x 10 mill finish aluminum foot planks
  • 1  x 6 riser row 2-9, (2) 1 x 6 top row risers
  • (1) aisle with handrail
  • 2 x 6 Treated Lumber Groundsills
  • Chainlink guardrail system

*Assembly Required

** Always check with your local building codes. **

**Economical mill finish tread planking and risers have been known to discolor stain and/or fade as a result of unavoidable condensation that occurs during packaging, transporting, and storage, preceding and/or during installation.  Markstaar will not be responsible for this occurrence.  A clear anodized finish may be purchased to avoid potential staining if selected as an upgrade finish at an additional cost.

Lead Time:  1-3 weeks before shipment.  This item is "Build to Order".

Historic Model Number NB-1021GTPDLX