Barrier-Free (Chiller on Top) Stainless Steel Recessed Chilled Drinking Fountain

AI81408S shwon w/knee clearance alcove
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Barrier-Free (Chiller on Top) Stainless Steel Recessed Chilled Drinking Fountain - REFRIGERATED

Regularly Furnished:

[Standard Model] All-Stainless Steel; Lead-Free Stainless Steel Bubbler

Other finish and bubbler variations are available

Standard Features:

  • Child or Adult ADA Compliant (when properly installed with a knee clearnace alcove)
  • 18 gage, 304 stainless steel cabinet
  • 16 gage, galvanized mounting frame
  • Polished stainless steel, anti-rotation, non-squirt bubbler
  • 100 mesh inlet strainer
  • Vandal resistant screws

Suggested Specifications:

Model AI81408S is a self-contained, inverted and fully recessed pressurized electric drinking fountain that shall deliver a minium of 8.0 GPH (30.3 LPH) of water at 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) cooled from 80 degree F (26.7 degrees C) inlet water and 90 degrees F (32.2 degrees C) ambient.  Unit shall be activated by a chrome plated brass front pushbutton using less than 5 pounds of force.  Bubbler shall be stainless steel with an integrally designed non-squirt feature and operates on a water pressure range of 20-105 psig.  Cabinet panels shall be constructed from 304 stainless steel and the bowl shall have an integral drain.  Colling system shall use R-134a refrigerant and be capillary btube regualted.  An adjustable thermostat with an off position shall regulate the refrigeration system.  Unit shall be listed by Underwriters Laboratories fro both the US and Canada and is compliant to the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute Standard 1010.  Unit is certified to ANSI A1117.1, Public Law 111-380 (NO-LEAD), CHSC 116875 and NSF/ANSI 61, Section 9. Fixture meets ADA, ADA Standing Person, and ADA Child requirements when mounted appropriately.

Estimated Lead time prior to shipment:  1-3 weeks.  This item is "BUILT TO ORDER"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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