4' Alley Bump 3" Thick Recycled Rubber Speed Bump (G24300)

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Installation Hardware:
4' Alley Bump 3" Thick Recycled Rubber Speed Bump (G24300)
Dimensions: (L) 4' x (W) 12" x (H) 3" - 51 lb. 
**Hardware NOT included unless picked when ordering.  Each 4' Speed Bump has 3 holes for hardware installation. A SET of hardware equals qty 3 peices of hardware.
Image: End Caps not included
Lead Time:  1-3 weeks before shipment.  These items are "Built to Order".


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Arsenic, Cobalt, Cadmium, Lead, Chromium, Nickel Compounds, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to

Alley bumps were developed specifically to address speeding and cut-through traffic in city alleyways. They slow cars to a stop. There is much community activity in an alley, ranging from bicycle traffic to garage sales, and even neighborhood get togethers. The city of Chicago has 1,926 miles of alleys - the largest in the United States!
Constructed from 100% recycled tires, Alley bumps are preformed to ensure a smooth, safe ride. The Alley Bump's flexible design conforms to the contour of virtually any road surface. The bumps are simple to install and can be easily removed for storage or relocation. They are pre-drilled for anchoring spikes or lag bolts. Designed to withstand extreme temperature variations, the bumps are resistant to moisture, oil, and ultraviolet light. They will not warp, crack, chip, or rot.
Molded highly reflective tape ensures that the alley bumps are visible even on a dark night. Cat's eye reflectors further enhance visibility to alert drivers well in advance. The bumps have a channeled bottom to facilitate drainage as well as to cover cabling or piping.
The Alley Bump is available in 4' and 6' lengths, including end caps to protect the bump ends as well as vehicles. Rubber alley bumps are covered by a 3 year warranty; 1 year on the tape (under normal use).
Alley bumps are:
Made of 100% recycled rubber
Long lasting and cost efficient
Reduces speed to 1-5 mph
High visibility at night
Simple installation
Product can be installed in sections to create varying lengths
Will not warp, crack, chip or rot
Can be installed on any road surface
Resistant to ultraviolet light, moisture, oil, and extreme temperatures
Temporary or permanent installation
Channeled bottom for cabling and piping
Lowers insurance premiums for lot owners
Maintenance free
Warranty: 3 years on the product; 1 year on the tape (under normal use)
Product Description :
1. Material: compression molded composite: 100% recycled rubber and polyurethane prepolymer 
2. Physical properties of the rubber composite: a. Density 0.6 oz/cu in (ASTM C642) b. Durometer Hardness 70A ± 7 (ASTM D2240) c. Tensile Strength 300 psi (ASTM D412) d. Compression deformation 7% at 70psi, 68°F (ASTM D575) e. Brittleness at Low temperature: -40°F (ASTM D746) f. Freeze and thaw when exposed to deicing chemicals no loss after 50 cycles (ASTM C672) g. Coefficient of thermal expansion: 8 x10-5 in/in/°F (ASTM C531) h. Weathering 70 hours at 158°F (ASTM D573) - hardness retained 100% (± 5%) - compressive strength 100% (± 5%) - tensile strength 100% (± 5%) - elongation retained 100% (± 5%) 
3. Available models: 6', 4' lengths 
4. Finishing: Black recycled rubber composite with yellow, durable and reflective, in-molded pavement marking tape
a) 100% recycled rubber from car and truck tires (NR, SBR) 
b) polyurethane prepolymer 
c) cat's eyes reflectors 
d) yellow, durable and reflective in-molded pavement marking tape 
e) molded in steel washers
3 years on the rubber; 1 year on the tape (under normal use) installed as per the manufacturer's installation instructions.
Installation Guide:
Alley bumps
1/2" rebar spikes for asphalt or lag bolts with metal shields for concrete - available at GNR
What You Need
Gloves, safety glasses
Traffic cones, drums or barricades for securing the site
Heavy duty electric drill
1/2" masonry bit and, if installed with lag bolts: a masonry bit required for the metal shields - consult bit size on side of shield
A drive socket and power tool for installation of the lag bolts
The flexible design of the Alley Bump allows the product to conform to the contour of uneven road surfaces and can be installed on both asphalt and concrete.
Installations Instructions for Asphalt: Installation of Alley Bumps with spikes
(ideal for permanent alley bump installation)
Step 1. 
Drill 1/2" diameter holes in the asphalt through the product's holes.
Step 2.
Drive 1/2" rebar spike (14" long) through the holes in the product.
Installations Instructions for Concrete: Installation of Alley Bumps with lag bolts and metal shields
(ideal for temporary installation or if removal of alley bump is necessary)
Step 1. 
Use 1/2" or 5/8 lag bolts (5 1/2" long).
Step 2.
Drill 1/2" diameter pilot holes through the product's installation holes.
Step 3. 
Remove the product; re-drill the holes for the diameter and depth required by the metal shields.
Step 4.
Install the metal shields, re-position the product and bolt with lag bolts.
Alley Bumps require minimal maintenance. Periodically inspect the bolts and tighten if necessary.