1" x 10" x 6' Poly High Density Recycled Plastic Lumber

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1" x 10" x 6' POLY-HD High Density HDPE RECYCLED PLASTIC LUMBER  (PDH1106)


Nominal Dimension:  1" x 10" 

Actual Dimension: 3/4" x 9 1/2"

**One skid minimum (912 linear feet)

Contact sales for samples request  # 888-846-2693

Poly-HD HDPE plastic lumber is custom-extruded from purified blends of recycled plastics - the kind that come from milk and detergent bottles. Additional proprietary additives are compounded into each product to meet the specifications of each of our customers for their unique applications. UV–inhibited pigments, anti-oxidant processing aids, foaming agents and other compounds are introduced depending on the end use and each customer’s performance requirements. 

  • Manufactured to exacting specifications with tolerances to meet the toughest applications.
  • Material is easily machined with any tools appropriate for working with real wood.
  • Essentially maintenance free, with exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splinting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood or wood fiber composite products.
  • Requires no waterproofing, staining or other similar recurring maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water.
  • High color stability UV pigment systems which minimize material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure.
  • Unlike most wood and wood composite products that quickly fade when exposed to the weather, Poly-HD has no wood fibers, retains its vibrant look for years and may fade only slightly over its entire service life.

Tailored Optioas

Poly-HD material can be formed in virtually any shape and length required for your application. We has over one hundred extrusion shapes in house, or we can customize a unique shape to meet your needs.

Poly-HD plastic lumber is produced the most common wood-tone colors including Cedar, Sand, Gray, Redwood, Weathered Wood, Light Oak, White, and Tudor Brown. We can also match almost any custom color to suit your application,

Semi-reinforced physical properties can be achieved by the addition of engineered additives that increase stiffness and reduce expansion and contraction properties.  For structural or near-structural applications, we offer other product/lumber materials with fiber additives.


Poly-HD plastic lumber is well suited for exterior applications where resistance to weathering and minimal maintenance is required, and a quality appearance is essential. Poly-HD maintains its color stability and surface finish over its entire useful service life, and never needs to be sealed, painted or stained.

Poly-HD plastic lumber is used in a multitude of commercial applications, and is well suited for casual furniture, playground features, scuff boards and amenities for agriculture, spa & pool, golf courses and more.



These products have greater impact resistance than wood but are also less rigid. Therefore, Poly-HD should not be used in any true structural or load bearing application. Applications that would not be appropriate are joists, trusses and decking and deck framing. PolyForce andPolyForce Plus materials are designed for those applications.

Fabrication of Poly-HD is similar to wood, but one should be advised that by transforming the product by drilling holes and routing edges, the integrity and strength of the material may be altered.

Inherent in Poly-HD plastic lumber is a greater coefficient of thermal expansion than stiffer wood products. Therefore applications should be designed to properly account for this natural expansion and contraction of the material over the length of its use. Please see the Product Specifications for the Coefficient of Linear Expansion, or contact your Markstaar  representative for more information.


Property ASTM Method Units Value
Specific Gravity D6111 Lbs cubic in 0.0216-0.0275*
Water Absorption D570 %

< 0.1

TGT Modulus D6109-03 Psi 117,000
Secant Modulus 2.1% Strain D6109-03 Psi 86,000
Stress @ 3% Strain D6109-03 Psi 1,598,000
Coefficient of Linear Expansion D6341-98 In/in ° f 0.000064
Screw Withdrawal D6117-97 Pounds force 703
* Lower density may occur in larger cross sections



*** Custom colors: Pink, Purple, Light Oak and Bright Orange are available.  Lead time is 5-7 weeks.