Mighty Mite (6210)

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Mighty Mite (6210)


Parks up to 6 bikes.
Perfect for home and small businesses. Set it up outside or in a garage or basement to park a family of bikes.
Assembles in minutes.
Lightweight yet surprisingly solid

Durable and weatherproof.

Welded frame with one-peice and sections.

Color: Black only


Electroplated in a chromate solution with Ultra Seal finish (10x more weather-resistance than galvanization) applied after welding.
Welded unitized grid.
Can be anchored in lawns, concrete, or asphalt using Anchors #6257 and #6258 (Sold separately).
Units can be joined together with Kit #6206 (single-sided units) or #6208 (double-sided units).



# Bikes: 6

Description: Double sided

Weight: 25 lbs

Length: 35"

Width: 28"

Height: 29"

Space Requirement:

35" x 120" 

Installed Dimensions: 35"x28"x29"  

Footprint w/Bikes: 3.5" x 120"


**Assembly Required


Estimated Lead time before shipment:  5-7 business days for orders under 10 units. If it is over ten units we can typically fulfill the order in 2-3 weeks.


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